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  • Website: does not have a member registration feature for Blog. Therefore, we do not store any personal information of users
  • Website: has a server located in Singapore and is secured with high technology platforms. Therefore, the content of the site will not be changed by hackers.
  • Website: when any information changes will include the update date below the article.
  • Website: uses cookies to track users’ search behaviors. We have a function that allows you to agree or deny access to the site. Once you have agreed, we will be allowed to use Cookies to display the relevant ads.
  • Website: does not directly store Drivers installers of computers, laptops, and printers. The installation kit is stored on the publisher’s servers such as Asus, Dell, Acer … The installation documents are guaranteed integrity (You can check the md5 code of the document)

Update: April, 08 2020